~ Instructions for Beginners ~

These instructions will be helpful if you are new to FiveM... It's easy. Few more steps to go!😃

  • Install Steam to your PC. Here's the Link!
  • Download and install the GTA V Game. Here's the Link!
  • Download and install the FiveM Client. Here's the Link!
  • Don't forget to keep open the Steam when you are launching FiveM.
  • Once you have joined our server, make sure to enable the in-game voice as follows.

        ★ Settings ➜ Voice Chat ➜ Voice Chat Enabled < On >
        ★ Settings ➜ Voice Chat ➜ Microphone Enabled < On >

  • Great! Now you are ready to join the fun! 😎
    Here's the button to connect with the OnlineLK FiveM Roleplay Server.


    Sri Lankan Premium GTA Roleplay Rules


    ★ If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact our team on Discord.